Breakthrough with LEF

LEF, the Future Center of Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Public Works and Water Management Department), is focused on facilitating people in dealing with complex social issues. Or other topics that challenge individuals and groups.

LEF Future Center offers spaces, facilities and facilitators to bring different parties together. Guiding them on the way to innovations, transitions and breakthroughs for social issues.

Focus on the future

LEF Future Center focuses on themes of the future, that have an impact on a global level. This by anticipating on the big transitions, as identified by the ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management towards 2050. These themes are Climate Adaptation, Smart and Green Mobility and Circular Economy. This asks for co-creation and a special way of collaboration, where the tasks are the main focus.

In our spaces we bring together pioneers that are involved in solving big social issues. During special sessions designed for the purpose, we are able to reach breakthroughs in the way people think and lead them to new solutions. We are even able to visualize the future with you and produce actual prototypes.

In this time of exponential developments and growing complexity, our ability to adjust is very important. A positive imagination of tomorrow’s world is important to have. We, as Future Center of Rijkswaterstaat, facilitate not only a physical space, but also a mental space to imagine and experience the future.

Concrete, geared towards producing results

It is no coincidence that LEF Future Center is part of Rijkswaterstaat, since our co-workers (and the parties with whom they collaborate) are continually challenged. They are challenged to find groundbreaking, innovative and sustainable solutions, to concrete issues in the field of public infrastructure and water management.

LEF Future Center facilitates the process and the space, in order to produce powerful solutions for the benefit of society. This might be in the form of an advance, in terms of organization, processes, or new ideas, or even in the form of an actual new product. But whatever it is, it will always be concrete, geared towards producing results, and of course always within a social context.

Typical for the working method of LEF is the use of the physical spaces to facilitate the contenders to creative or effective solutions to their problems. With the inspiring and flexible environment of LEF Future Center the process can be accelerated, reinforced and enriched, in many different ways.

Complex processes and solutions

Facilitating complex processes and solutions, assisting with decision-making and prototyping the future, is LEF Future Center’s core specialty. All technical and other facilities that we can offer, the professionals who steer the process, the catering, the spatial layout: everyone and everything at LEF Future Center contributes in an unconventional, controlled manner towards results. We do this in the form of solutions, innovation, growth or improvement.

LEF Future Center is able to create a customized atmosphere in a variety of spaces, appropriate to the process that participants are in at any given time. And if the process changes, we will adapt the atmosphere and surroundings to suit, which are accompanied by our facilitators’ sophisticated blends of tailored working methods.

All of the above is based on modern understandings of the human brain, provided by cognitive psychology and neurology. And of course the state of the art digital methods are there to help us.

Future Lab

In the core of our center we offer a Future Lab with social innovative methods and new technologies, in which we visualize and stimulate your issues into concepts and prototypes. There is room for experimenting. The most beautiful and innovative (sometimes unexpected) collaborations, solutions or products are created from these experiments.

Safety, connection and trust form the base of a positive experience, in which the future is lived and tangible solutions are the results within reach. For now and all the next generations.

New technology offers great opportunities. LEF Future Center visualizes and stimulates those possibilities and explores different scenarios and solutions. By way of letting people get acquainted with new technology, LEF contributes to taking away a part of 'fear' of the future. Let’s experience the future.

Body of Practice

For more than 10 years LEF Future Center has been facilitating innovation, inspiration and ideas. 10 years of practical experience in (social) innovation and facilitation has been accumulated in our Body of Practice. It describes the pioneers’ experiences and the continued development of their approach. It further describes working methods and the latest developments.

For further information please use the LEF Future Center contact form.