Sea level rise

Sea level rise is a real threat that we actively monitor and research in cooperation with partners at home and abroad. Our current strategy of the Delta Programme and current protection against floods is sufficient until at least 2050. With many uncertainties after 2050, it is important to invest in knowledge now and adapt when necessary.

We use a 5 year cycle of well-balanced scenarios from the IPCC, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and Delta Scenarios to develop an advice on the necessary measures. Not only do we execute these measures to keep The Netherlands safe, we invest in knowledge to prepare ourselves for the recalibration of the scenarios.

Delta Programme

Our Delta Programme describes among other things how we aim to continue protecting the Netherlands against flood risks. For example, we can anticipate future climate change, focus our targets on 2050 with a further time horizon to 2100, and base our figures on the KNMI climate scenarios. Adaptive strategies and flexible measures make it possible to respond to any new knowledge and gained insights.