Privacy statement

We define 'personal data' as information that can be traced to an 'identified or identifiable natural person'. Names, home addresses and email addresses are typical examples of personal data.

When you enter personal data, you will see exactly what information will be used for what purposes. Your details will only be used for the purpose for which you supplied them. This means that if you give us your name and address in order to be sent a certain brochure, those details will not be used to send you other brochures (unless you indicate otherwise). It also means that your details will not be used for other purposes, such as sending you press releases.

Please note, however, that personal details may be used for investigative purposes, if for example a criminal offence is committed via the website or if unlawful utterances are posted on the site. Details are retained only as long as they are needed for the purpose for which they were supplied.

It is our policy to use only those personal details you yourself supply. Personal data are handled in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. This means that any personal details that are collected, retained, used, made available, collated, or protected via the internet, fall under the purview of this Act.

Personal details are processed only if the user has been so notified and told why the details are to be retained.