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Explore Rijkswaterstaat’s international projects from A to Z. Our alliances with global partners demonstrate our steadfast commitment to developing and improving infrastructure for a safer, more connected world.

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Circular Minds: Driving circular procurement

Circular Minds is an initiative designed to encourage organisations to adopt circular procurement practices.

STORM_SAFE: Ensuring software reliability for critical water infrastructure

STORM_SAFE aims to develop essential knowledge to implement reliable software solutions for storm surge barriers.

ATHENA: Cyber resilience of infrastructure in the water sector

Digitisation is creating a new, increased risk in operational technology. The impact of a cyber-attack on operational technology could be immense.

Pioneering the smart maintenance innovation system: SAMEN Completed

The SAMEN Fieldlab integrates technical and social innovation. We have joined this initiative to use new knowledge for data-driven asset management.


Climate change may make cover sand substrates more acidic and dehydrated, with the result that today's agricultural functions are no longer possible.

NAPCORE: National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe

NAPCORE is the largest partnership in the field of mobility-data platforms. It is established to harmonise mobility-data platforms throughout Europe.

CHARM: forward-looking, nationwide system for road-traffic management

With the CHARM program we can do what Dutch society expects from us, now and in the future: safe and smoothly flowing road traffic.

Understanding phytoplankton concentrations in the German-Dutch Wadden Sea Completed

This project aimed to study phytoplankton concentrations at greater depths to determine exactly how much was present in the Wadden Sea.

Enhancing the Maastricht shipping lane

Peak river flows create dangerous situations for ships entering and leaving the Juliana Canal. Rijkswaterstaat is therefore expanding the entrance.


The project All4Biodiversity studies mowing management forms by assessing which measures can capitalise on the effects of climate change.