ResiRiver: Advancing Nature-based Solutions in River Systems

The ResiRiver project seeks to advance the adoption of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in the Netherlands and across North-West Europe (NWE) river systems for climate resilience. This initiative aims to combat the adverse impacts of climate change, which result in severe floods, droughts, economic, recreational, and biodiversity disruptions.

By participating in this project, Rijkswaterstaat aligns with its broader goals of climate resilience, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of society.

In North-West Europe (NWE), river systems face severe challenges due to climate change-induced floods and droughts, impacting vital sectors like shipping, agriculture, recreation, and biodiversity. Nature-based Solutions (NbS) offer sustainable strategies to combat these threats, enhancing climate resilience and supporting the EU's Blue Economy initiative. 

An initiative that aims to promote sustainable growth, innovation, and job creation in maritime sectors while preserving marine ecosystems. 

However, mainstreaming and upscaling NbS in riverine systems remains a challenge. While supportive policies exist, decision-makers lack awareness and internal knowledge, hindering implementation. ResiRiver addresses this gap by consolidating knowledge from NbS pilots and previous experiences, offering accessible training packages, demonstrations, and actionable plans.

Fostering Cross-Border Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer

In the ResiRiver project Rijkswaterstaat collaborates with partners from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands. The project leverages insights from NbS pilots in the Rhine, Meuse, Weser, Lys, Dromore, and Wantij rivers, synthesizing this knowledge into an implementable action plan, guidelines and policies. 

Training packages, tailored for diverse audiences, facilitate the seamless transfer of hands-on knowledge.

Empowering Climate Resilience and Sustainable River Systems

ResiRiver, through collaborative efforts and comprehensive knowledge synthesis, provides actionable solutions to mainstream and upscale NbS in European river systems. By enhancing climate resilience, the project not only safeguards vital sectors but also aligns with Rijkswaterstaat’s commitment to sustainable practices, fostering biodiversity, human well-being, and a resilient Blue Economy.

Project period

2023 - 2028

European Programme

Interreg North-West Europe

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City of Dordrecht (NL), Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives Authie and Canche Valleys (FR), Federal Waterways and Shipping administration (DE), University of Liege (BE), French inland waterways (FR), Mixed Water Management Syndicate of the Lys Basin (FR), Local Authority Waters Programme (Tipperary County Council) (IE), Dundalk Institute of Technology (IE), GRAIE (FR), HAN University of Applied Sciences (NL)