International projects

Explore Rijkswaterstaat’s international projects from A to Z. Our alliances with global partners demonstrate our steadfast commitment to developing and improving infrastructure for a safer, more connected world.

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CityLoops: circular city innovation Completed

7 European cities pilot solutions to be more circular. Read more about de CityLoops project on this page.


The MANABAS COAST project is aiming to integrate Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management to enhance biodiversity, recreation, and economic value.

LIFE-IP NAS: implementing climate adaptation measures

The Dutch project LIFE-IP NAS NASCCELERATE (2021-2027) aims to accelerate the implementation of climate adaptation measures in the Netherlands.


MERIDIAN is a project with a mission: unleash power of Intelligent Transport Systems of the Trans-European Transport Network and enhance flor of traffic.

EMfloodResilience Completed

The EMfloodresilience project is helping the region to be better prepared for extreme flooding. The project is funded by the European Interreg programme.

Connected River: innovation for waterways and waterfronts

Connected River is an EU funded (Interreg North Sea) transnational innovation project addressing challenges related to shared use of waterways and waterfronts.


BEPROACT seeks to revolutionise critical infrastructure. This approach will equip organisations with the means to assess the status of infrastructural asset.

ProCirc Completed

ProCirc was a project in the North Sea region to experiment, implement and learn how circular economy and procurement could benefit the region. Read more.


A key aim of Stars4Water is to empower decision-makers with the tools they need to assess the potential consequences of climate change.

Polder2C's: Strategies for climate adaptation in the 2 Seas region Completed

Climate change affects areas around the southern North Sea and English Channel. The flooding of 2 polders offers a unique living labratory. Read more.