International projects

Explore Rijkswaterstaat’s international projects from A to Z. Our alliances with global partners demonstrate our steadfast commitment to developing and improving infrastructure for a safer, more connected world.

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Rural Roadwater Rescue

The Rural Roadwater Rescue (RRR) project transforms the way we think about road and highway design.

VIA APPIA Completed

The VIA APPIA is a field lab set up by the World Class Maintenance Foundation.

China Europe Water Platform

The China Europe Water Platform is a network for water co-operation between European countries and the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources.


NEA PANACEA is a project which focuses on assessments of the status of pelagic habitats, benthic habitats, food webs and marine birds.

Polder2C's: Strategies for climate adaptation in the 2 Seas region Completed

Climate change affects areas around the southern North Sea and English Channel. The flooding of 2 polders offers a unique living labratory. Read more.


The ResiRiver project seeks to advance the adoption of Nature-based Solutions in the Netherlands and across North-West Europe river systems for climate resilience.

Solar Highway: Innovative noise barrier Completed

Solar Highways is investigating the technical and economic feasibility of integrating double-sided solar panels into noise barriers along motorways.

De Rijn Verbindt

In the Interreg project 'The Rhine Connects', 10 German and Dutch organizations collaborate to promote a healthy, green, and vibrant Rhine.

Jomopans: monitoring ambient noise in North Sea Completed

The aim of the Jomopans was to develop a comprehensive, operational joint programme for monitoring ambient noise in the North Sea.

BE-GOOD Completed

The BE-GOOD project aims to make government information about infrastructure and the environment in North-West Europe accessible to a wider audience.