ViA15: addressing Arnhem’s traffic challenges

Arnhem’s roads are witnessing increasing volumes of traffic. In response, Rijkswaterstaat, in collaboration with the Province of Gelderland, is taking decisive action against congestion. Our approach includes extending the A15 and widening the A12 and A15.

These strategic interventions are being carried out under the project name ViA15. The extension of the A15 to join the A12 will create a direct link between the port of Rotterdam and Germany.

Rijkswaterstaat embraces nature-inclusive planning

From the inception of ViA15, Rijkswaterstaat took measures to mitigate the impact of the construction of the ViA15 project on protected natural habitats. Even during the initial phases, steps were taken to relocate bird populations, such as owls and sparrows. Nest boxes were placed at strategic locations, for example.

To safeguard the habitat of the great crested newt, Rijkswaterstaat has created 2 new ponds between Groessen and Loo. Moreover, to counterbalance the environmental impact, an expansive 16 ha area has been allocated within the province’s nature network.

For the design of the A15 and A12, we have integrated 4 underpasses to provide safe crossing points for amphibians and small mammals. From design to execution, GelreGroen has made nature preservation part of the fabric of the project. We refer to this approach as ‘nature-inclusive design’.

Project period

2017 - 2023/2025

European programme