Learn more about the organisation PIANC and the association PIARC.

The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure PIANC

PIANC is the global organisation providing guidance and technical advice for a sustainable waterborne transport infrastructure to ports, marinas and waterways.

Established in 1885, PIANC is one the oldest technical associations that has changed noticeably over the years. It adapted to the respective contemporary requirements of issues pertaining to waterborne transport infrastructure. Some of the 21st century’s challenges involve sustainable development, climate change, the need for working with nature and digitalisation. Rijkswaterstaat, on behalf of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, has been a member for over 100 years.

PIANC’s major events keep the international waterborne transport community connected: the PIANC World Congress, the PIANC-COPEDEC and the PIANC-SMART Rivers Conferences, as well as 3 regional events being the PIANC Mediterranean Days, the NordPIANC Meetings and PIANC Asia Pacific Conference (APAC).

PIANC continues to be the leading partner for government and private sector in the design, development and maintenance of ports, waterways and coastal areas. Rijkswaterstaat is active in several PIANC working groups.

World Road Association PIARC

The World Road Association PIARC is a network that was established in 1909. More than 100 years later, PIARC continues to facilitate global discussion and knowledge sharing on roads and road transport. The Association now boasts 122 government members worldwide and retains consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. The Association aims to be the world leader in the exchange of knowledge on roads and road transport policy and practices within an integrated sustainable transport context.

PIARC exists to serve all its members by:

  • being a leading international forum for analysis and discussion of the full spectrum of transport issues, related to roads and road transport;
  • identifying, developing and disseminating best practice and giving better access to international information;
  • fully considering, within its activities, the needs of developing countries and countries in transition;
  • developing and promoting efficient tools for decision making, on matters related to roads and road transport.

The Netherlands has been a member of PIARC since 1910. The Director-General of Rijkswaterstaat is the PIARC First Delegate for the Netherlands. Rijkswaterstaat and a few other Dutch institutes participate in some of PIARC’s Technical Committees.

Rijkswaterstaat and PIARC both interact with CEDR and TRB.