Global soil networks

Learn more about some of the global soil networks in which Rijkswaterstaat is involved.


AquaConSoil started in 1985 as the biennial ConSoil conference on soil pollution and related problems. In 2013, the name was changed to AquaConSoil to reflect the (ground) water pollution associated with soil pollution. The next step is to create a broad online platform in addition to the conference to facilitate the exchange of knowledge.

The AquaConSoil network consists of policymakers, scientists and soil consultants from Europe and the rest of the world. The network focuses on soil pollution and land degradation. The sustainable use of land and soil in relation to major societal challenges is also a topic today.

The Netherlands has played an active role in the network and the conference for many years. Deltares provides the secretariat for AquaConSoil. Rijkswaterstaat contributes to the agenda and programme and is an active participant in the platform.

Global Soil Partnership

The Global Soil Partnership (GSP) is the United Nations FAO's global soil network. Established in 2012, the GSP aims to promote sustainable soil management among all actors and stakeholders involved in soil. The network brings together experts and stakeholders.

The GSP also focuses on information and research. One of the GSP’s most important publications is the 2015 report Status of the World's Soil Resources. In addition to the state of the soil, the report also describes the main threats to soil. The GSP also has a European section: the European Soil Partnership.

International Committee on Contaminated Land

The International Committee on Contaminated Land (ICCL) is a global network of soil policy makers. The network shares knowledge and experience on soil policy and the management of soil contamination. Since 1993, 70 countries and 150 partners have joined the network. A physical meeting is organised every two years. The Netherlands actively participates in these meetings.