Bilateral agreements with China on water

The activities and project are based on a problem oriented approach and twinning between river basins; Rhine in Europe and Huaihe in China. Main themes for the work programs are water safety, water quality/ecology and resources management, all in prospect of climate change.

Closely related to the bilateral cooperation is the collaboration under the China Europe Water Platform (CEWP); 11 European countries including EU DG-ENV participate in a programmatic cooperation with the Ministry of Water Resources and affiliated organizations. Rijkswaterstaat holds the European coordination for the Water and Urbanization theme and is currently leading an European consortium in a project on China-Europe Cooperation on Sponge Cities (CECoSC).

Rijkswaterstaat in a partnership with Deltares and IHE-Delft collaborates with the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) and several of its river commissions and research institutes (NHRI and IWHR).