Bilateral agreements with China

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Chinese Ministry of Transport and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management focusses on innovation in infrastructure and mobility.

The executive organizations of the ministries (Rijkswaterstaat and the Chinese Research Institute of Highways (RIOH) and its partners (knowledge institutions and/or companies) exchange knowledge on a technical level and best practices through joint work sessions, webinars, seminars, trainee exchanges and annual visits.

The MoU focusses on green highways and smart and green shipping. Areas in which developments are moving fast and that face similar challenges with respect to sustainability, durability (reduction of greenhouse gases, advanced recycling and a circular economy and climate adaptation) and safety.


Green highways

  • towards 100% recycling of asphalt (with the Technical University of Delft) (transition to circularity);
  • towards reduction of greenhouse gases in road construction;
  • in the context of Sponge City (climate adaptation in mega-cities).

Smart and green shipping

  • Fact-finding mission in 2021 in cooperation with TU Delft, TNO, Marin and various business partners.