Enhancing water collaboration: bilateral agreements with China

Activities and projects are based on a problem-oriented approach and twinning between river basins: the Rhine in Europe and the Huaihe in China. Our work programmes navigate through the key themes of water safety, water quality and ecology, and resource management, all in the context of climate change.

Closely related to the bilateral cooperation is the partnership within the China Europe Water Platform (CEWP). This extensive collaboration involves participation from 11 European countries and the EU Directorate-General for the Environment, embarking on a programmatic cooperation with the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources and affiliated organisations. 

Rijkswaterstaat is the European coordinator for the Water and Urbanisation theme and currently steers a European consortium in the China-Europe Cooperation on Sponge Cities (CECoSC) project.

In partnership with Deltares and IHE-Delft, Rijkswaterstaat is working with the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources and several of its river commissions and research institutes (NHRI) and IWHR.