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Explore Rijkswaterstaat’s international projects from A to Z. Our alliances with global partners demonstrate our steadfast commitment to developing and improving infrastructure for a safer, more connected world.

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Enhancing the Maastricht shipping lane

Peak river flows create dangerous situations for ships entering and leaving the Juliana Canal. Rijkswaterstaat is therefore expanding the entrance.


The project All4Biodiversity studies mowing management forms by assessing which measures can capitalise on the effects of climate change.

ViA15: addressing Arnhem’s traffic challenges

Arnhem’s roads are witnessing increasing volumes of traffic. Rijkswaterstaat, with the Province of Gelderland, is taking action against congestion.

BE-GOOD Completed

The BE-GOOD project aims to make government information about infrastructure and the environment in North-West Europe accessible to a wider audience.

C5a: preparing for the potential impact of climate change Completed

The Cluster for Cloud-to-Coast Climate Change Adaptation (C5a) project promoted a whole-system and long-term perspective to address the tangible, economic and social consequences of anticipated flood events.

DIWA masterplan: steering inland waterway transport into the digital future

Inland-waterway transport (IWT) plays a substantial role in the transportation of goods within Europe. This has many advantages. Read more on this page.

Jomopans: monitoring ambient noise in North Sea Completed

The aim of the Jomopans was to develop a comprehensive, operational joint programme for monitoring ambient noise in the North Sea.


NEA PANACEA is a project which focuses on assessments of the status of pelagic habitats, benthic habitats, food webs and marine birds.

China Europe Water Platform

The China Europe Water Platform is a network for water co-operation between European countries and the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources.

DATEX II Completed

DATEX II is a way of distributing traffic information and traffic-management information that does not depend on language or presentation format.