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Explore Rijkswaterstaat’s international projects from A to Z. Our alliances with global partners demonstrate our steadfast commitment to developing and improving infrastructure for a safer, more connected world.

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China Europe Water Platform

The China Europe Water Platform is a network for water co-operation between European countries and the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources.

DIWA masterplan: steering inland waterway transport into the digital future

Inland-waterway transport (IWT) plays a substantial role in the transportation of goods within Europe. This has many advantages. Read more on this page.

Overnight mooring facility Spijk

With the build of a new mooring facility for barge vessels at Spijk (near Lobith), we try to improve the navigability on the Waal river. Read more here.

C5a: preparing for the potential impact of climate change Completed

The Cluster for Cloud-to-Coast Climate Change Adaptation (C5a) project promoted a whole-system and long-term perspective to address the tangible, economic and social consequences of anticipated flood events.

RECOMS: Innovative training network Completed

With RECOMS we train 15 ESRs/ doctoral candidates in innovative, transdisciplinary and transformative approaches. Read more.

CHARM: forward-looking, nationwide system for road-traffic management

With the CHARM program we can do what Dutch society expects from us, now and in the future: safe and smoothly flowing road traffic.


BEPROACT seeks to revolutionise critical infrastructure. This approach will equip organisations with the means to assess the status of infrastructural asset.


A key aim of Stars4Water is to empower decision-makers with the tools they need to assess the potential consequences of climate change.

NAPCORE: National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe

NAPCORE is the largest partnership in the field of mobility-data platforms. It is established to harmonise mobility-data platforms throughout Europe.

EMfloodResilience Completed

The EMfloodresilience project is helping the region to be better prepared for extreme flooding. The project is funded by the European Interreg programme.