STORM_SAFE: Ensuring software reliability for critical water infrastructure

STORM_SAFE is an ambitious EU project focused on improving the reliability of software used in vital water infrastructure, in particular storm surge barriers.

The project aims to develop and secure essential knowledge within Rijkswaterstaat to implement robust and reliable software solutions for storm surge barriers. These barriers are critical for managing water levels and protecting low-lying areas.

Quantifying software reliability is an emerging discipline in information services and industrial automation. The demand for quantitatively proven software reliability is a new concept. Demonstrating software reliability after implementation requires further development and careful documentation.

Strengthening capabilities through European collaboration

By collaborating with European knowledge institutes and infrastructure managers, Rijkswaterstaat aims to strengthen its capabilities in the area of software reliability. This collaboration will not only improve practical applications, but it also provides additional benefits. Examples include a faster learning curve and enriched networking opportunities.

Through the integration of Rijkswaterstaat’s network and learning environment with those of other countries and knowledge institutes, software reliability will enhance.

Future-proofing storm surge barrier software

European collaboration in the STORM_SAFE project accelerates learning and adoption of advanced software reliability practices for Rijkswaterstaat. This partnership expands our knowledge network, bringing valuable insights from other countries and institutions. It increases management focus on long-term innovation and addresses legacy software issues, ensuring the organisation is and remains future proof.

STORM_SAFE promotes a culture which centres on software reliability, supported by comprehensive training and education for staff. By ensuring reliable software for storm surge barriers, STORM_SAFE supports climate adaptation and water management objectives, also plays a critical role in managing water levels and flood protection.

STORM_SAFE represents a significant step in software reliability for critical water infrastructure. The collaboration provides Rijkswaterstaat with a lot of knowledge and expertise. This project not only addresses immediate software reliability needs but also supports broader climate adaptation goals, paving the way for a safer and more resilient future.


January 2024 - December 2027


Interreg North Sea

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Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management; Rijkswaterstaat; Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij; University of Twente; Göteborgs kommun; Voies navigables de France; Kystdirektoratet; Niedersächsischer Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft Küsten- und Naturschutz; Eindhoven University of Technology; Lunds Universitet; Universität des Saarlandes; Aalborg Universitet.