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Explore Rijkswaterstaat’s international projects from A to Z. Our alliances with global partners demonstrate our steadfast commitment to developing and improving infrastructure for a safer, more connected world.

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NAPSEA: N and P from Source to Sea

NAPSEA project is committed to tackling the pressing challenges of nutrient pollution and eutrophication that threaten the health of our inland and waters.

SBEP: transformation towards climate-neutral, sustainable blue economy

The vision of Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership is to design, steer and support a just and transition to a regenerative, resilient, sustainable economy.

Circular Minds: Driving circular procurement

Circular Minds is an initiative designed to encourage organisations to adopt circular procurement practices.

STORM_SAFE: Ensuring software reliability for critical water infrastructure

STORM_SAFE aims to develop essential knowledge to implement reliable software solutions for storm surge barriers.

ATHENA: Cyber resilience of infrastructure in the water sector

Digitisation is creating a new, increased risk in operational technology. The impact of a cyber-attack on operational technology could be immense.

Pioneering the smart maintenance innovation system: SAMEN Completed

The SAMEN Fieldlab integrates technical and social innovation. We have joined this initiative to use new knowledge for data-driven asset management.


Climate change may make cover sand substrates more acidic and dehydrated, with the result that today's agricultural functions are no longer possible.

NAPCORE: National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe

NAPCORE is the largest partnership in the field of mobility-data platforms. It is established to harmonise mobility-data platforms throughout Europe.

CHARM: forward-looking, nationwide system for road-traffic management

With the CHARM program we can do what Dutch society expects from us, now and in the future: safe and smoothly flowing road traffic.

Understanding phytoplankton concentrations in the German-Dutch Wadden Sea Completed

This project aimed to study phytoplankton concentrations at greater depths to determine exactly how much was present in the Wadden Sea.