Pioneering the smart maintenance innovation system: SAMEN

The smart industry has secured a place on the strategic agenda of almost every company in the manufacturing and process industries. Despite this, research shows that most companies struggle to fully understand the impact of these innovations, let alone implement them effectively.

The SAMEN (SmArt Maintenance ENabled Business) Fieldlab bridges this gap by integrating technical and social innovation. Technical innovation generates new knowledge, while social innovation focuses on the acquisition and effective application of this knowledge. Rijkswaterstaat has joined this initiative to use new knowledge for data-driven asset management.

Drive towards digitalisation

The drive towards digitalisation in industry, driven by advances in ICT and production technologies, is fundamentally transforming the sector at all levels - from large corporations to SMEs. Staying at the forefront of digitalisation is essential to maintain competitiveness, ensure future economic growth and promote sustainable industry practices.

100% predictable maintenance

This project aimed to strengthen the smart maintenance innovation system in the belief that 100% predictable maintenance in the manufacturing and process industries is achievable through innovative business and organisational models.

A diverse consortium of companies, asset owners and knowledge institutions formed a community of practice. This community focused on developing, validating and launching knowledge products that were shared with the wider (southern) Dutch industrial and government sectors via a new world class maintenance (WCM) hub by the time the project ended.

Contractual framework

The SAMEN Fieldlab has also developed a contractual framework that outlines essential elements and principles to encourage discussion of smart maintenance solutions within the current legislative framework, which often struggles to keep pace with modern needs. 

This framework is the culmination of two years of intensive review of existing literature and technical documents, bearing in mind that the relevance of such information may rapidly diminish as legislation continues to evolve. For more information on the findings, please visit WCM Vector.


January 2019 - December 2023


OPZUID 2014 - 2020

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Fieldlab SAMEN - World Class Maintenance


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