Talking Traffic: traffic regulating traffic

Road users, motor vehicles, overhead road signs, traffic-control centres and traffic lights. Everything communicates with each other. Rijkswaterstaat works with the Talking Traffic programme to find innovative solutions to make traffic safer, cleaner and smarter, using traffic data.

In this way road managers are able to control traffic better, and road users have the right information to make their journeys.

Reliable in-car data

Rijkswaterstaat shares reliable and applicable traffic data that can be converted into real-time traffic information for road users. Because if that is reliable road users in their cars, for instance, can see what the maximum speed is at that particular moment. This means that they can make their journey more safely and have the best information on the traffic situation.

Smart traffic control

One way in which we do this is with smart traffic lights, which not only transmit data to vehicles and cyclists, but also receive data and coordinate themselves accordingly. As a result, they might give priority to specific groups of road users. The Netherlands was among the first countries in Europe to develop these smart traffic control system standards and apply them throughout the country. Other European countries are now also learning from these experiences: 'Dutch Profiles’ have now been adopted internationally.

Navigation apps

When traffic is busy, or roadworks are carried out, navigation apps divert road users via the quickest route to their destination. Under such circumstances cars are sent past schools, or through residential areas. Together with other road users, we make data on measures and policy information available, so that road users can use 'socially-acceptable’ routes.

Road users

Road users get tailor-made, real-time route recommendations and assistance sent right to their vehicles; on their smartphone, on the dashboard or navigation system. Concrete types of data that are becoming available to road users:

  • In-vehicle signage and speed advice
  • Individual real-time data on potentially dangerous situations and warnings of road works ahead
  • Prioritising (conditioned and general) of groups of road users at traffic lights
  • Providing road users with real-time data from traffic lights (first 20% of all Dutch TLIs)
  • Optimising traffic flows through traffic lights

Join forces to improve everyday traffic

Rijkswaterstaat is joining forces with other road managers and service providers in the Talking Traffic partnership, with the aim of creating a nationwide information network. Mixing global and local players in this partnership speeds up development and deployment of new driver-assistance services, and lays the ground work for the next levels of connected and automated driving while delivering new services.