Corridor Management Execution: harmonizing the services on water corridors

Corridor Management Execution: harmonizing the services on water corridors

The aim of Corridor Management Execution (COMEX) is to implement harmonized RIS services on European waterway corridors. The project works towards a higher predictability of inland navigation and a transparent transport sector.

Agreement on waterway corridor service levels

COMEX implements earlier results of predecessor project CoRISma. In this context, agreements are made with fellow waterway authorities about the service level on a waterway corridor. Examples of service levels include the provision of static information about bridges and locks and dynamic information about shipping traffic.

Advancing transport planning and time management

Moreover, the project focuses on reducing travel and waiting times, better transport planning and reliable travel times, optimal use of infrastructure, connection to other modes of transport, reduction of administrative barriers and good information provision to enable just in time management. The project also considers how information can be facilitated and provided to other logistic processes in the chain. This makes inland navigation more attractive as a mode of transport.

Project period

2016 - 2022

European programme



Waterways authorities from Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

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