The Implementation, Work Processes and Management Chains (IWB) project ensures that the users (including road traffic controllers and road inspectors) are prepared to be able to work with the new ATMS DYNAC platform with the intended efficiency and flexibility.

The platform offers integrated functions for greater efficiency in work and more flexible use of road traffic controllers. The open architecture allows expansion with innovative functions from third parties.

One advantage of CHARM is that road traffic centers can help one another. In busy times, it is possible to take over work from each other

Work more efficiently and effectively

The arrival of CHARM means for employees in the traffic centers and on the road that they will work with a new platform that leads to other, more efficient work processes. We will work consistently with the new platform in the traffic centers. Simpler tasks are automated so that there is more time to deal with incidents.

Multiple processes will be done automatically, so that employees have fewer actions to do to carry out their work and they can take over each other's work at peak load. For managers, the arrival of CHARM means that fewer systems need to be managed and maintained. Rijkswaterstaat ensures that all employees will be trained in time to be able to work with the new platform.

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