A number of systems are 'end of life'. That means that it is becoming increasingly expensive to maintain them as you have to replace them, which requires more investment. If new technology is available that is simpler to manage and easier to add new functionalities to, future proofing traffic centers.

The ATMS project arranged the procurement, selection, contract award and now the implementation of the ATMS DYNAC platform in all road traffic control centers.

Standard software package

The standard software package is configured and extended on components until it can uniformly support all relevant Rijkswaterstaat business processes (business services) and can replace the identified applications. The new traffic management goes from around 30 systems to one national platform. The starting point is that the current service provision to road users is maintained. For Rijkswaterstaat, the platform will run in the Government Data Center to which all road traffic control centers are connected.

Regional cooperation

The service to and cooperation with regional and national partners will be maintained. By linking with ATMS DYNAC, the regional parties will have a more uniform collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat. That is why good coordination with partners in the road traffic management chain about timing and consequences is another important part for Rijkswaterstaat.

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