Society is becoming increasingly digital. So is Rijkswaterstaat. We are creating, collecting and using more and more data. The responsibility to manage this data is immense.

To that end, we are using new techniques such as sensor technology and artificial intelligence. We also have higher demands on digital security. We need an infrastructure that connects everything: cables, satellites, networks, platforms and the cloud. And we need skilled people to operate these systems. 

Indeed, at its core, digitalisation is about ensuring that every component operates seamlessly and securely on the interconnected framework, always prioritising the people who engage with it.

Embedding digital transformation in our vision

Digitalisation is essential to Rijkswaterstaat’s mission of ensuring a safe, liveable and accessible Netherlands. We want to live in a country that is protected from flooding. A country where there is plenty of greenery and clean water. Where we can get from A to B quickly and safely. 

Our people and the companies we employ are increasingly working digitally. From office tasks to on-site measurements, the maintenance and design of bridges, locks and tunnels, our operations are digitally driven. 

The Netherlands is a transport hub. The country’s economic viability relies on seamless accessibility, both on roads and waterways. Moreover, residents and businesses use our data for recreation, agriculture and weather forecasting. In today’s landscape, thriving without digital integration is inconceivable. 

From Delta Works to digital works: innovative solutions for tomorrow’s Netherlands

Rijkswaterstaat is at the forefront of digital innovation, collecting vast quantities of data daily. We monitor water levels, bridge loads and motorway traffic intensity. We make a lot of our data publicly accessible and free for reuse. This is unique. Our Delta Works are also unique. 

They have seen extensive digital integration. We are paving the way for international collaboration, creating advanced traffic control systems with neighbouring countries. We are also working on a digital infrastructure project in the North Sea to ensure safe and efficient shipping. 

Our expertise and endeavours in digitalisation are expansive, underscoring our commitment to harnessing technology for a safer, more efficient Netherlands.


Discover the international projects Rijkswaterstaat is working on within the field of digitalisation.

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