ProCirc is a transnational project in the North Sea region set up to experiment, implement and learn how circular economy and procurement can benefit the region.

To fully benefit from circular opportunities and to contribute to the international development of circular economy, ProCirc conducts 30 pilots to demonstrate procurement opportunities.

Each pilot aims to reduce 20-25% raw materials, waste and CO2 emissions. Insights and tools regarding specific sectors like construction, furniture and ICT are being disseminated in the North Sea region by creating an active transnational network on the topic.


Procuring organisations can stimulate circular economy using their demand to change markets. This will not only have a direct impact on the business models; innovation and economic opportunities that suppliers will create, but also on decreasing carbon emissions and the use of resources and closing product and material loops.

The main takeaways for the Netherlands and Rijkswaterstaat are to:

  • actively stimulate circular economy in other countries
  • gain knowledge and insights about circular economy and procurement in practice
  • build and grow our relevant network in the field
  • demonstrate the international frontrunners position of the Netherlands and Rijkswaterstaat in circular economy

Project period

2019 – 2023

European programme

Interreg North Sea Region VB

Project website

Interreg VB North Sea Region programme