Green/Blue Rhine Alliance

In this project, the parties of the Euro region are working together to strengthen cross-border ecological links, removing hurdles in otter migration routes, expansion of knowledge on development of flood plains and fish migration, and the creation of a joint database.

Why Green/Blue Rhine Alliance

As nature in general, and river nature in particular, is not bound by national frontiers, it is important that the development of nature on both sides of the border is coordinated. At international level, there is already co-ordination within the ICBR. But there was a lack of collaboration at a more regional/international level.

Collaboration and sharing knowledge

The GBRA project aims to fill this gap. The collaboration focuses on sharing knowledge and data between the parties, and jointly performing work, but also on common knowledge sharing with local residents. 

Key focus areas in the project include: fish migration and fish monitoring, redevelopment of flood plains, otters, communication and education. Within the project, Rijkswaterstaat is focusing in particular on the first 2 points.

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