COCOON: from landfills to usable resources

COCOON: from landfills to usable resources

The Consortium for a Coherent European Enhanced Landfill Management Strategy project (COCOON) aims to enable the sustainable management of landfills by developing, integrating and improving relevant policy instruments, while increasing subsidies through operational programmes for landfill management projects.

The COCOON project was enacted to turn landfills into usable resources. No specific European legislation currently exists on the management and reclamation of landfills. The development of this policy vision incorporates, among other things, the options for excavating existing landfills (so-called waste mining), combined with regional development. Waste mining yields raw materials and resources which can be re-integrated into the economy. Such projects also reduce future risks to the environment. Moreover, they generate economic development opportunities within the context of the European transition toward a resource-efficient, low-carbon, circular economy.

For more detailed information see the website Rijkswaterstaat Environment - Europe: COCOON.

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