Rijkswaterstaat and the future

Rijkswaterstaat strives to be a public-oriented network manager, a trend-setting project manager and an effective crisis manager, both now and in the future.

Rijkswaterstaat in a time of change

Social developments and government policy are presenting new challenges to Rijkswaterstaat in relation to mobility, safety and sustainability.

In light of Rijkswaterstaat’s ambitions and the changing demands being placed upon the organisation, Rijkswaterstaat is constantly exploring possibilities to carry out its operations even more effectively and efficiently. For example, we collaborate more frequently with other infrastructure managers, as well as critically reviewing our tasks and assessing which of them we might be able to outsource.

We also critically review our tasks to assess what we can outsource

Preparing for the future

Rijkswaterstaat will face a number of major challenges in the coming years in terms of preparing the national infrastructure for the future. The plans to build additional roads, extra lanes on some roads and inland waterways will create a more robust network. But new infrastructure will not be enough to absorb the future growth of traffic in busy urban areas, so Rijkswaterstaat has to make smarter use of the existing infrastructure.

Many of our bridges and locks are old and because they are used intensively, they are reaching the end of their useful lives. The challenge for Rijkswaterstaat is to find a clever way of replacing these objects so that they can continue to serve the purpose of the networks in the future. At the same time, we are endeavouring to create a sustainable living environment in which the infrastructure forms an integral aspect of area development.

Animation about crisis management

Opportunities and developments

These are all challenges that we are already aware of. They guide the way we think and act. At the same time, the world around us is changing fast. The pace of technological innovation is rapidly increasing and people’s lifestyles are changing. What are the most important trends? What opportunities do they offer and how can Rijkswaterstaat respond to them?

To answer these questions, Rijkswaterstaat is conducting a strategic study to identify trends and their possible consequences so that they can then be translated in terms of their significance for and impact on our organisation. We are carrying out this study with our own employees and with external partners.