Press kit

Stay up to date with Rijkswaterstaat’s activities and projects. The press kit contains short descriptions of projects, photos, videos and other useful materials. We have set up a press kit to provide you with the right materials faster. 

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Our organisation

Rijkswaterstaat is the executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, dedicated to promote safety, mobility and the quality of life in the Netherlands.

We want to live in a country that is protected against flooding, where there is sufficient green space, an adequate supply of clean water and where we can travel quickly and safely from A to B. Read more about our organisation.

Our mission

Cooperating to promote safety, mobility and the quality of life in the Netherlands. That is the mission of Rijkswaterstaat.

Our history

Rijkswaterstaat has been responsible for managing roads and waterways since 1798. The work we do has altered radically over the centuries. Read more about our history.

Water safety and -management

Sufficient clean freshwater and usable, reliable information about the water in The Netherlands; Rijkswaterstaat works 24/7 to maintain this situation. A large part of our country lies below sea level; that makes us vulnerable to flooding. Protection against flooding will always remain vitally important. Rijkswaterstaat monitors water levels along the coast, in rivers and in lakes.



The Dutch economy relies heavily on transport and logistics; the main economic centres must remain accessible. Quickly and safely. By road and by water. Rijkswaterstaat is working on this in its role as manager and developer of the country’s main road and waterway network.



Rijkswaterstaat is working every day to improve the Netherlands. To do this we are working on creating a clean, green and pleasant living environment for current and future generations. We are promoting sustainable area development and aim to be energy neutral and working according to the circular principle by 2030.