DIWA masterplan: digitisation of inland-waterway transport

DIWA masterplan: digitisation of inland-waterway transport

Inland-waterway transport (IWT) plays a substantial role in the transportation of goods within Europe. This means of transportation has many advantages: it is safer, more environmentally friendly and frees up road capacity.

The aim of DIWA is to further digitise transportation on inland waterways and to further integrate it into Europe's logistics system.

Prominent place in European transport sector

Given the benefits, it would be fitting to give inland-waterway transport a more prominent place within the European transport sector in the future. The digitisation of IWT will make this possible. New tried-and-tested technology will make IWT more accessible and easier to coordinate. For instance, due to data exchange with other parties or improved navigation.

Digitisation in inland-waterway transport will also lead to a more flexible logistics sector with more opportunities for transportation. In the long term, this will have a knock-on effect on manufacturing, consumption and employment, and boost the European economy as a whole. It is also in line with the Digital Single Market Strategy, part of the EU's policy of digitising the market where possible.

Masterplan as incentive for basic digital infrastructure

DIWA is working on a masterplan that will give act as an incentive for a basic digital infrastructure for the inland-waterway network in Europe. The project will deliver a broad-based vision and strategy for the digital transformation of IWT, borne by the 5 waterway agencies, including potential proposals that are ready for implementation.

It will provide a knowledge base and an understanding of how we wish to shape this transformation. So we know what the neighbouring countries and what we ourselves want to achieve in the field of digital transformation.

Possible effects masterplan

The masterplan offers the possibility of exerting influence on European Union policy. Furthermore, this project could serve as a blueprint for other potential stakeholders who make a contribution to the digital transformation of IWT.

The masterplan must take into account the requirements that apply to this digital transition in relation to cybersecurity, standardisation, and rules and regulations.

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