In North-West Europe, there is a high demand for government information in the areas of infrastructure and the environment. Currently, this information is available only to a limited extent. The BE-GOOD project aims to make this information accessible to a wider audience.

BE-GOOD is deriving commercial value from this government information through 10 pilot projects. This is done by making data collections public and responding better to the needs of the market.

This makes it possible to develop the following:

  • Applications
  • Software
  • Traffic management algorithms
  • Air and water quality control
  • Road and waterway maintenance planning


The aim of BE-GOOD is to make better use of government information on infrastructure and the environment in North-West Europe.

This project is important for Rijkswaterstaat because:

  • Rijkswaterstaat gains knowledge of the market with regard to the need for data and the ability to respond to it.
  • Rijkswaterstaat influences future European legislation.
  • Rijkswaterstaat gets access to excellent knowledge and markets.

Project period

2016 – 2022

European programme

Interreg VB North-West Europe (2014-2020)

Project website