Rijkswaterstaat is working every day to improve the Netherlands. To do this we are working on creating a clean, green and pleasant living environment for current and future generations. We are promoting sustainable area development and aim to be energy neutral and working according to the circular principle by 2030.

Infodesk and monitoring

Our infodesk and monitoring department provides up-to-date and practical information to policymakers.


Climate change and the world food problem force us to rethink how we use our land and soil. We look for sustainable solutions for some of these major issues.

Circular economy

We work to make our own projects more innovative and sustainable and we also share knowledge and experience with the public.


Solar Highways

Rijkswaterstaat is developing a sustainable noise barrier that absorbs traffic noise and simultaneously generates electricity. This innovative barrier consists of double-sided solar panels that generate electricity on both sides.

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Circular Public Procurement

In the Circular Public Procurement project in the Baltic Sea Region, partners from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Russia and the Netherlands are working to develop the market for circular products and services through government procurement.

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