European projects

European projects

Rijkswaterstaat is always developing and innovating. An overview of some of the current European projects that are being carried out by or on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat is listed below.


ARCADE aims to promote collaboration between various organisations within Europe relating to automated driving,


The aim of Jomopans is to develop a framework for a fully operational joint monitoring programme for ambient sound in the North Sea.

Living-Lab Rhine (LILAR)

The partners of the Living-Lab Rhine (LILAR) project will strengthen the cross-border efforts to measure sediment characteristics.

DIWA Masterplan

With DIWA we aim to further digitise transportation on inland waterways with a further integration into the European logistics system.

European projects

Horizon 2020

  • Arcade: coordinate the harmonized deployment of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving (CAD)
  • Cityloops: A series of innovative urban planning approaches and instruments
  • Jerico S3: The use of Ferry box and remote sensing to monitor the North-Sea
  • WW 2017: Research and innovation to support the implementation of EU water policies
  • 5G Blueprint: Design cross-border tele-operated transport, based on 5G connectivity
  • RECOMS: training network for evironmental practice


  • BE-GOOD: generating value from and stimulating sustainable ecosystems for open data in regions in North–West Europe
  • GreenWIN: focuses on the high consumption of energy and carbon emissions by water authorities in North-West Europe
  • ProCirc: Circular economy to solve the NSR’s waste crisis and the rising cost of new materials.
  • C5a: A 'Cloud-to-Coast' (C2C) approach to the management of flood risk
  • Phytoplankton measurements in greater depth in the German/Dutch Wadden Sea: gain further knowledge in the problem of Phytoplankton in the Waddenzee area.
  • Polder 2Cs: Doing practical studies related to dyke-strength, erosion, crisis exercises, etc.
  • Jomopans: developing a framework for a fully operational joint monitoring programme for ambient sound in the North Sea.
  • LILAR: strengthening the cross-border efforts to measure sediment characteristics.
  • LIVES: reduction of plastic waste in the catchment area of the Meuse.


  • Solar Highways: Solar panels as integrated constructive elements in highway noise barriers


  • COMEX: harmonizing the implementation of water corridors
  • H2Benelux: moving towards a hydrogen infrastructure
  • FEDeRATED: Sharing trustworthy information in EU logistics through structured digital experiments
  • DIWA Masterplan: Supporting a digital transition of the business processes of stakeholders in Inland Waterborne Transport (IWT)
  • Twentekanalen blending call: Optimizing inland waterway – and multimodal transport in the Euregio, along the North Sea Baltic Corridor
  • Overnight mooring facility Spijk: Development of an overnight mooring facility to increase safety on rivers
  • URSA MAJOR neo: Deploying ITS-services to improve freight traffic along the Rhine-Aphine and Scandinavian-Mediterranean CEF core network corridors

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