Doing business with us

Rijkswaterstaat promotes safety, mobility and quality of life in the Netherlands. While the government entrusts us with a broad range of tasks, it acknowledges the necessity of working with the private sector. As a result, we outsource certain responsibilities to the private sector.

Every year, Rijkswaterstaat awards contracts for projects and services worth around three billion euros. This figure will only increase in the coming years. The use of external contractors is therefore essential for us to be able to carry out our public tasks.

Planning ahead

Rijkswaterstaat will have to implement austerity measures in the coming years. These measures will make the organisation leaner and more efficient, while we continue to carry out the numerous projects in the pipeline. Rijkswaterstaat is therefore critically reviewing its range of activities and intends to cooperate more frequently with other infrastructure managers. 

We are also carefully assessing which of our activities are suitable for outsourcing, and we will progressively assign more work to market players who can perform these tasks as well or even better than we can.

These measures will make the organisation leaner and more effective

By consistently adhering to documented procedures, we aim to instil more uniformity across our operations. As a result, our methods will be more recognisable and more predictable, which is one of Rijkswaterstaat’s objectives as a professional contracting agency.

More information on doing business

For more information on doing business with Rijkswaterstaat, please see our Business Opportunities page.

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