DATEX II: Europe’s universal traffic language

Imagine a universal language that transcends borders and dialects to exchange traffic data and information across Europe. This is exactly what DATEX II does. Think of DATEX II as a digital highway that carries traffic data and information in a format that is independent of any specific language or presentation format.

Its strength lies in its clarity, leaving no room for misinterpretation or mistranslation.

Standards such as DATEX II are the backbone of interoperability among traffic control centres, driving the evolution and harmonised application of intelligent transport systems (ITS). Consider the rise of autonomous vehicles. They rely on clear instructions, something DATEX II is perfectly equipped to provide. 

Its significance is highlighted in the delegated acts of the ITS Directive, singling out DATEX II as the preferred standard.

Reliable traffic information

For Rijkswaterstaat, DATEX II is more than a tool. It is a fundamental part of our mission to enhance road safety and streamline traffic flows. The ability to share up-to-date, reliable traffic information is crucial in today’s increasingly congested world. DATEX II is helping us to achieve this aim.

Project period

2021 - 2024

European programme

CEF Transport

Project website

Website DATEX II


All EU members states, Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland