08 Breakthrough with LEF

Breakthrough with LEF

LEF, the future center of the Dutch Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat), is focused on ‘forcing’ breakthroughs in the way employees of Rijkswaterstaat think and act during special sessions designed for the purpose.

We say ‘forcing’, because every breakthrough is essentially a minor (or sometimes major) revolution, as part of which our account managers, facilitators and stakeholders break with conventions, fixed processes and patterns.

Existing preconceptions, certainties and fears are re-examined. ‘Sacred’ notions topple to the ground. You may ask: Doesn't that make things difficult, or even frightening? Sometimes. But forcing a breakthrough requires some nerve, and people are ultimately excited by their breakthrough process at LEF because of the new perspectives offered – possibilities that until that time had seemed impossible.

Concrete, geared towards producing results

LEF is part of the Directorate-General of Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat, RWS). This is no coincidence, since RWS employees (and the parties with whom they collaborate) are continually challenged to find groundbreaking, innovative and sustainable solutions to issues in the field of public works and water management.

LEF facilitates the process and the space, in order to produce powerful solutions for the benefit of society. This might be in the form of a new product, or an advance in terms of organisation or processes. But whatever it is, it will always be concrete, geared towards producing results, and of course always within a social context. Among other things, this means that a session is never an exclusively private affair; there is always at least one external party involved (and often several).

Facilitating complex processes and solutions

Facilitating complex processes and solutions and assisting with decision-making is LEF’s core specialty. All technical and other facilities that we can offer, the professionals who steer the process, the catering, the spatial layout: everyone and everything at LEF contributes in an unconventional, controlled manner towards results in the form of innovation, growth or improvement. 

LEF uses wall projections, furniture, colour, scent, catering, images and sound, LEF is able to create a customised atmosphere in a variety of spaces appropriate to the process that customers are in at any given time. And if the process changes, we will adapt the atmosphere and surroundings to suit, which are accompanied by our facilitators’ sophisticated blends of tailored working methods. All of the above is based on modern understandings of the human brain provided by cognitive psychology and neurology.

Switch off the auto pilot

How do you and your colleagues usually sit dur­ing meetings? Probably around a table, facing each other. Have you ever considered having a meeting with your backs to one another? Prob­ably not, unless you have paid a visit to LEF before! It may be that we offer the only way to switch off your ‘reptilian brain’. You may now be thinking: ‘My what?!’ Your reptilian brain. But don’t be offended – everyone has a reptilian brain. Even Einstein had one. It is not a deroga­tory term! 

The term ‘reptilian brain’ refers to the oldest part of your brain from a revolutionary perspective. It is your automatic pilot, and as it works subcon­sciously, it influences your behaviour a lot more than you realise.

For example, we often respond automatically to colleagues and partners. In autopilot mode, we are often incapable of seeing the solutions to particular problems, questions and challenges. At LEF, we break these habits by employing a wide variety of diverse working environments and professional guidance. We base our approaches on genuine scientific insights and developments in the fields of psychology and neurology. A session at LEF is like nothing else you will have experienced before. Participants are able to tread mental paths that they would have never before believed possible. This results in new ideas and insights. The key issue is to discover new ways to approach problems, achieve goals and realise change. 

For further information please read our English, French or Japanese documentation or contact us at lef@rws.nl.

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