InterCor (Interoperable Corridors) aims to link and jointly implement the C-ITS corridor initiatives of France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

France and the Netherlands are building on the existing initiatives:

The InterCor project focuses on creating a network of C-ITS corridors that offer continuity and serve as a test bed for developing In-Car Day-One C-ITS services (Road Works Warnings, In-Vehicle Signage, Probe Vehicle Data). It also focuses on the services Glosa, Tunnel Logistics, Truck Parking and Multi-modal Cargo Transport Optimisation.


The aim of the project is to enable vehicles and road infrastructure to exchange data via cellular communication technology and ITS G5 networks (Wifi-p), or a combination of these. The overall aim is to make the mobility of people and goods safer, more efficient, more sustainable and easier. 

In InterCor, Rijkswaterstaat is working with Belgium, France and the United Kingdom on the possibility of seven C-ITS services working together across borders. In doing, we are contributing to the Dutch and European smart mobility developments.

Project period

2016 – 2019

European programme

CEF Transport (2014 - 2020)


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