European projects

European projects

Rijkswaterstaat is always developing and innovating. An overview of some of the current European projects that are being carried out by or on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat is listed below.


The Safety of Transport Infrastructure on the TEN-T Network project (SAFE-10-T) aims to create a safety framework to ensure high safety performance, while allowing longer lifecycles for critical infrastructure.


The noise from shipping and construction can potentially have negative effects on vulnerable marine animals. The aim of Jomopans is to develop a programme for ambient sound in the North Sea.

Building with Nature

Climate change increases the risk of flooding in the North Sea region due to rising sea levels, increased river discharge and heavier rainfall. This endangers the people and the economy of the North Sea region.

Solar Highways

Rijkswaterstaat is developing a sustainable noise barrier that absorbs traffic noise and simultaneously generates electricity. This barrier consists of double-sided solar panels that generate electricity on both sides.

European projects

Horizon 2020

  • IC4Water: coordination and support action dedicated to the development of international cooperation in the water area
  • RECOMS: training network
  • Safe-10-T: aims to create a safety framework to ensure high safety performance
  • Infra4Dfuture: develops a demand-driven overarching strategy and coordination mechanism for the modernization of transport infrastructure in Europe


  • Building with Nature: evidence base for the use of nature-based solutions in the North Sea region
  • FAIR: developing instruments for long-term planning and adaptive design of flood defense infrastructure in the North Sea region
  • Jomopans: developing a framework for a fully operational joint monitoring program for ambient noise in the North Sea
  • BE-GOOD: generating value from and stimulating sustainable ecosystems for open data in regions in North–West Europe
  • ProCirc: circular procurement
  • CircularPP: using innovation procurement and capacity building to promote Circular Economy
  • Cocoon: consortium for a coherent European Enhanced Landfill Management and Mining strategy
  • FRAMES: minimizes the impact of rising sea levels and extreme precipitation
  • The Green Blue Rhine Alliance: strengthen German - Dutch cooperation through working together to strengthen the cross-border ecological connections (Dutch)
  • Smartsediment: rebalances the biodiversity, waterbed and ecosystem services in the delta
  • GreenWIN: focuses on the high consumption of energy and carbon emissions by water authorities in North-West Europe


  • Life IP PAF: a climate proof, safe, ecologically resilient, and economically vital delta
  • Solar Highways: Solar panels as integrated constructive elements in highway noise barriers
  • Urban-Adapt: demonstrating urban climate adaptation and resilience in inner city Rotterdam


  • COMEX: harmonizing the implementation of water corridors
  • Concorda: introducing self-driving cars and a hybrid communication infrastructure
  • DATEX II: the standard for the exchange of traffic related data
  • EU ITS platform: cooperation in order to foster, accelerate and optimize current and future ITS deployments in Europe in a harmonized way
  • H2 Nodes: evolution of a European hydrogen refueling station network by mobilizing the local demand and value chains
  • H2Benelux: moving towards a hydrogen infrastructure
  • Socrates2.0: better and smarter traffic information

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