Inland shore Wieringermeer

Inland shore Wieringermeer

The Inland shore Wieringermeer living lab is located in the northern part of North Holland. On the edge of the IJsselmeer, new opportunities are being developed in the field of water management, aquaculture and horticulture.

In addition to experiments with farming crab and fish, combined with the cultivation of lettuce in fresh water, the partners are looking at opportunities for growing crops in saline water, which is present in the Wieringermeer. The aim is to achieve maximum use of water and raw materials. To that effect, a technical production system has been set up in which as many natural processes as possible are applied.


The aim of the experiments in the living lab is to arrive at a profitable form of production processes.

It provides Rijkswaterstaat knowledge on water management, the circular economy, agriculture under saline conditions, and the use of valuable freshwater for economic functions (crab and fish farming).

Project period

2015 – 2020

European programme

Opportunities for West II (2014-2020)

Project website

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