The aim of Implementing Measures for Sustainable Estuaries (IMMERSE) is to accelerate development and implementation of large-scale measures to combat this and, in doing so, to promote collaboration between stakeholders and experts in order to improve the environmental conditions in North Sea estuaries. This will enable estuaries to function properly.

North Sea Region estuaries are dynamic environments subject to persistent and increasing pressures, such as modified tidal ranges, increased flooding and higher sedimentation rates, which impact estuary functioning and services. An estuary is the wide, generally funnel-shaped mouth of a river, where fresh river water and saline sea water mix. This creates brackish water with tidal variation.

Working together on measures

In total, the project involves 11 partners from the whole of the North Sea region. They explore, develop and test a wide range of measures. They make recommendations for the management of estuaries, focusing on the environment, nature and regulation of human activity.

At Rijkswaterstaat we are the managers responsible for the Scheldt, together with our Flemish partners. We endorse the project aims referred to above and learn from partners how to deal with the complex management of estuaries.

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