Vital Nodes

Vital Nodes

Vital Nodes is designed to enable efficient, sustainable freight delivery across the urban nodes of by bringing together existing European, national and regional networks.

The project provides the European Commission with recommendations for integrating urban nodes on the European network. These recommendations concern the funding of the necessary measures, the use of different financing instruments and a research agenda for the period 2021 - 2027. 

In several European cities, there is a good view on different projects that enhance quality of life, mobility, sustainability and economic performance, while they often have a rapidly growing population. This will also build up knowledge about the effectiveness of sustainable area development in connection with mobility in highly urbanised regions.


As a result of increasing freight traffic, these urban nodes face challenges such as congestion, poor air quality, noise pollution and road safety risks. The aim of Vital Nodes is to secure European funding and to set the European research agenda for the next seven years for projects focusing on an area-based approach and a sustainable living environment. We are also doing this to gather best practices and to strengthen our knowledge position on this subject and make it applicable to the Netherlands.

Project period

2017 – 2019

European programme

Horizon 2020


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