TN-ITS GO: information sharing on European roads

TN-ITS GO: information sharing on European roads

In 2013 we saw the establishment of the TN-ITS platform to harmonise information sharing on European roads. The TN-ITS GO project focuses on gathering, saving and sharing the most recent and reliable data for digital roadmaps, using this to build on the TN-ITS platform.

TN-ITS has already been shown to be successful in Sweden and Norway. TN-ITS GO is starting up pilot schemes in at least another nine EU member states.

Efficiency and safety European roads

Further development of TN-ITS services will increase the efficiency and safety of European roads. Speeding is still the cause of many road traffic casualties. Using this technology, road users can be notified continuously of the speed limit, even on roads where there are no signs, or on roads where this is not clear for other reasons. They will also be more aware of dangers on the road. Of course, making up-to-date information more easily available to road users can also make a contribution to more effective navigation tools and, as a result, more efficient use of the roads. This means less congestion and lower emissions.

Apart from the pilot schemes, the project also aims to continue improving the TN-ITS methodology in order to obtain the most accurate data. The project works with existing data. However, there is a Europe-wide standard for the format in which the data is provided. All participating countries will have to provide data in a standardised way. As other EU countries will be implementing this format as well, it will be possible to learn from one another so that the data to be shared can be even better optimised, leading to higher-quality information.

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