SOCRATES2.0: better and smarter traffic information

SOCRATES2.0 aims to create better and smarter traffic information and navigation services for road users in the regions of Amsterdam, Munich, Antwerp and Copenhagen. This should lead to faster, greener and safer traffic.

Optimising real-time traffic information

Exchanging and integrating information available from road authorities, (international) service providers and road users, can lead to a complete and consistent picture of the expected traffic situation. This allows the partners to anticipate real-time and expected conditions and offer smart traffic information and navigation services.

Developing traffic management strategies

Apart from creating smarter services for road users, various forms of public-private partnership in traffic management are tested. In addition to data exchange, common strategies for traffic management are to be developed. SOCRATES2.0 also prepares the various stakeholders for a future of self-driving cars in which traffic information and navigation services will be integrated.

Project period


European programme

2014-2020 (CEF)

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