The aim of Infrastructure for the Future (infra4dfuture or i4Df) is to develop an all-encompassing European mechanism to streamline programmes and initiatives for innovative development and implementation of infrastructure management.

What is new about the mechanism is the fact that a collective of National Transport Infrastructure Authorities (NTIAs) are prepared to create a demand for innovation in respect of all modes of transport, with a horizon stretching to 2040. I4Df is also demand-driven, while innovation has, until now, generally been exclusively driven by supply. I4Df is all about a structured dialogue between groups of infrastructure managers, industry and research.

Cross-modal coordination mechanism

I4Df aims to create a European cross-modal coordination mechanism that helps European infrastructure managers to streamline and co-programme their innovation and implementation work internationally and cross-modally. This mechanism envisages building bridges in the somewhat fragmented landscape of programmes and actors, and builds on existing partnership structures among providers of infrastructure, such as CEDR, Nord-FoU and Benelux. The coordination mechanism is flexible, open and transparent, and participation is voluntary. The European Commission is funding the initiative, as it values a demand-driven joint European innovation and implementation agenda for infrastructure.

The project stimulates collaboration and the sharing of knowledge in terms of the coordination mechanism, and the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of infrastructural innovations and implementations. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement number 824269.

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