Located on the North Sea-Baltic Core Network Corridor H2Nodes will look into sustainable hydrogen production pathways and will deploy a chain of hydrogen refueling stations (HRS), tackling at the same time demand for hydrogen vehicles.

The project results will provide a roadmap for Member States on roll out of HRS infrastructure in other cities and regions. It will include lessons learned on how to establish hydrogen nodes along the core network corridors with integrated planning of regionally produced sustainable hydrogen, and on mobilizing local and regional demand for zero emission FCEVs.

Electricity and hydrogen

Ensuring continuity and growth at new hydrogen refueling station HRS sites in Arnhem, Riga and Pärnu, building strong local activity, a positive dynamic and rising numbers of FCEVs along the TEN-T corridors.

An innovative technical solution where traction is provided by an electric motor using electricity and hydrogen as an energy carrier for transportation, with a focus on public transport, thus developing multi-modal transportation system, optimizing the existing bus and trolleybus route network, promoting public transport and reducing GHG local pollution.

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