EU ITS EIP Platform

EU ITS EIP Platform

The EU ITS platform (EU-EIP) is the place where national ministries, road managers and their partners in both the private and public sectors of nearly all EU member states and neighbouring countries work together.

They jointly carry out activities with the aim of reducing problems that are caused by the increasing demand for promoting, accelerating and optimising road transport. In order to foster the cooperation and required consensus between the EU member states, the EU's ITS platform will facilitate the creation of a generally-accepted state-of-the-art standard and encourage the actual use of EU specifications, guidelines, best practices and/or methodologies.

Aim of EU EIP

The aim of the EU EIP is to accelerate and harmonise application of ITS services, interoperability of ITS services in Europe and to increase road safety and traffic flow, while reducing the impact on the environment.

The Netherlands is the front-runner in a number of aspects relating to traffic management and Smart Mobility. Moreover, the Netherlands is a logistics hub in relation to the rest of Europe. Partnership and co-ordination with the other countries of Europe is therefore very important for determining a common line and achieving the interoperability of ITS services.

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