DATEX II is the electronic language that is used in Europe for exchanging traffic information and traffic data. DATEX II is a way of distributing traffic information and traffic-management information that does not depend on language or presentation format.

This leaves no room for misunderstandings and/or mistranslations on the part of the recipient. Standards are important to the interoperability of traffic-control centres, and in the development and harmonised application of ITS. For instance, consider autonomous vehicles, which have to be given unambiguous instructions. DATEX II is referred to in the delegated regulations of the ITS Directive as the standard to be used.

Reliable traffic information

Rijkswaterstaat uses DATEX II, because it provides ample support for our aims in the field of road safety and traffic flow. It is of great importance that up-to-date, reliable traffic information can be provided.

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  • Authorities from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Romania, Austria, Luxembourg
  • The European Commission