Arc Atlantique 3: a single traffic and transport system for Europe

Arc Atlantique 3: a single traffic and transport system for Europe

Arc Atlantique 3 is made up of 65 projects relating to improving the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the European primary road network. This can be achieved with more wide-ranging use of so-called Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSs).

The aim of this is to harmonise European traffic and transport systems where possible. This project is in line with Rijkswaterstaat's mission: promoting safety, accessibility and quality of life in the Netherlands. ITS is seen as a resource that can be used to address the ever-growing demand for capacity on roads, without the immediate need for building new roads or widening existing ones. The objectives listed above can be achieved at less expense, in a shorter time-frame and with less space required.

Project Arc Atlantique 3

The project started in 2013 and involves 17 partners. Plans are currently being implemented in 7 European countries that form a corridor crossing Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and France to Spain. The current phase of the project deals primarily with implementation in greater depth, and integration of traffic management and traffic-information systems, along with increased knowledge sharing.

In addition, the project offers opportunities to experiment with innovative technologies, such as smart cameras, and new ways of collecting and storing data. Contacts with our fellow road managers in neighbouring countries offer the opportunity of sharing knowledge (innovation). In addition, participation in European projects means the potential of being able to influence European Commission policy to a certain degree. Moreover, grants may allow a project to be brought forward in time, or be used to extend the project in question.

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