Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. This includes the main road network, the main waterway network and watersystems.

(Our country is a country of resilience. It's not always easy, but we always find our way.) (We are free. To travel, to work on ourselves, or to make time for each other. To enjoy water. To learn from it. It all seems like the most normal thing in the world.) (But just look around you. The ordinary is not as ordinary as you might think. You might not realise it, but we actually live below sea level, sometimes even metres.) (That we can just go anywhere is quite extraordinary, since our roads are among the busiest in Europe.) (But the Netherlands is resilient and so is Rijkswaterstaat. For more than 200 years already.) (By constantly looking ahead, the Netherlands continues to be the safest delta in the world. And there is no challenge too great. We're prepared for all conditions.) (A girl demands silence.) (Respect for our environment lies at the foundation of Rijkswaterstaat. By sometimes taking a little from nature, and then giving back again.) (Rijkswaterstaat has been fully committed to improving the Netherlands for centuries. We build on our past and find answers to the questions of tomorrow.) (Together with expert partners, we work on safety, accessibility and quality of life in the Netherlands. Together, we build the Netherlands.) (Four people in orange coveralls stand next to each other. The Dutch coat of arms with the on-screen text: Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, next to it. The screen becomes yellow and white. On-screen text: More information? rijkswaterstaat.nl. A production of Rijkswaterstaat. Copyright 2017.) TRANQUIL MUSIC THAT FADES AWAY