Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

To sustain mobility and preserve the quality of life in the Netherlands in the future, we endeavour to make the most of the possibilities offered by information and communication technology (ICT). We refer to this use of ICT solutions as Smart Mobility.

Every day the employees of Rijkswaterstaat are engaged in projects designed to improve the country’s roads and waterways so that people can reach their destinations quickly and safely. The Netherlands is a densely-populated country with limited space.


Rijkswaterstaat does not operate alone. We promote Smart Mobility in collaboration with the business sector, research institutions and other public authorities. Together with our partners, we pursue the following objectives:
• Improving the information provided to business and private travellers;
• Improving the use of the existing infrastructure by encouraging road users to change their behaviour;
• Modernising traffic management and information provision and the managing the underlying physical infrastructure;
• Supporting tests on the public road network with innovative advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Interested in joining us?

Rijkswaterstaat invites companies and research institutes to make use of the facilities it provides for conducting experiments. The Netherlands are leading in the world, in terms of the quality of its infrastructure. For example, parts of the Dutch road network are already equipped with facilities to support ‘connected driving’ and self-driving vehicles. If necessary, we also close off roads to conduct tests with new applications.
For more information about the assistance we can offer the possibilities for cooperation, please use the contact form.