Solar Highways

Solar Highways

Rijkswaterstaat is developing a sustainable noise barrier that absorbs traffic noise and simultaneously generates electricity. This innovative barrier consists of double-sided solar panels that generate electricity on both sides.


The Solar Highways project is investigating the technical and economic feasibility of integrating double-sided solar panels into noise barriers along motorways. This innovative barrier is built on the east side of the A50 in Uden, north of the Volkel exit. The construction of the 400-metre-long barrier started in 2018 and finished in February 2019. Since completion, the solar noise barrier is able to supply local green electricity to around 40 to 60 households. 

Important information about this system will be collected over a test period of 18 months. This will enable a good estimate to be made in the future when implementing similar initiatives. The Solar Highways pilot project is part of a total package of noise-reduction measures along the A50 motorway between Sint-Oedenrode and the Paalgraven junction.

Project period

2014 – 2020

European programme



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