Greener Waterway Infrastructure

Greener Waterway Infrastructure

The Greener Waterway Infrastructure (GreenWIN) project focuses on the high consumption of energy and carbon emissions by water authorities in North-West Europe (NWE).

The pumping systems are part of the water system and therefore crucial for the reliable functioning of the waterways and the water systems as a whole. At the same time, there will be a transition to green and energy-efficient solutions in the coming years.

The project consists of three parts relating to recreational and professional navigation:

  • Evaluating the existing infrastructure and identifying optimisation potential
  • Testing new technologies
  • Developing investment plans, tender procedures and business cases


Pumps account for a large share of carbon emissions in NWE and account for roughly 25 to 33% of the annual electricity consumption of the water authorities. This equals 20% of the total CO2 emissions in NWE.

GreenWIN is contributing to an energy-efficient North-West Europe by developing low-CO2 technology, making it available to water authorities in NWE and actively promoting this technology. The safeguarding of knowledge also plays a role. The experts involved in the construction have now retired and work needs to be done on a new (international) network in this field.

Project period

2018 - 2021

European programme

Interreg VB North West Europe

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